Rubare night watchman survive lynching by charged security guards

Source oils Petro Rubare

NTUNGAMO- A 45-year-old man who guards parked vehicles at night in Rubaare town council along Kabale-Mbarara high way, Denis Ahimbisibwe Katende is in fear for his life after his narrow escape from the tooth of death of security guards who attempted to kill him by shooting.

According to Katende, it was around 10:45pm on Thursday 1st June 2023, the scuffle ensued between him and one security guard identified as Methodius number 602 deployed by Ryavo security group who was on night duty at assigned at Source oils petrol station in Rubaare town council.

The guard accused Ahimbisibwe of soliciting night parking fees from travelers who decide to sleep therein which Methoidous anticipates that he should have had a share should it not have been Katende’s deals.

Later on, Methodius called his fellow guard identified as Yusufu number 603 deployed by the same company to combine efforts and fight Denis Ahimbisibwe. On arrival according to the victim, Methodius gave Yusufu a gun to shoot Ahimbisibwe who wisely landed on the guard with the Gun and drew him down.

During the scuffle, they were separated by two drivers and Ahimbisbwe ran away until the following morning when he reported the matter to Rubaare Police station.

The Manager of Source oils petrol station Alfahad Mhammudu said he’s aware of the incident adding that they are planning to transfer both guards to other places to weaken that tension in the area.

ASP Ilim Muzoora, the officer in charge of Rubaare Police station also confirmed having knowledge on the incident adding that they are preparing a meeting with all security guards in both government and private security companies to orient them on fire-arms handling.

This comes at a time when security guards are shooting civilians and among themselves while Uganda is experiencing a high rate of gun violence.