Female Golfer Mackline Nsenga embraces coaching at AFRIYEA Golf Academy


SPORT– Mackline a female golfer at Toro club in Fort portal enjoys coaching children in the academy.

Mackline who started her golf journey in 2017 having watched a lot of women’s golf on TV and admiring the way the “beautiful girls dressed when they played.”

Having only been playing golf for a period of four years she has already been able to win so many awards and she is now being ranked among the most promising female golfers in Uganda.

Her success has been attributed to her hard work, discipline, determination and good relationship with professional golf players.

Mackline has so far reduced her playing handicap from 36 to 10 and wants to reduce this further to be playing off scratch by the end of 2022 and is keen to become a professional golfer.  

Her major aim however is to perfect her game and qualify for the Uganda National Team this year 2021.
 “My involvement in AFRIYEA Golf Academy is to inspire many young girls (and boys!)  and to take part in the game of golf which has been in most cases left to be played by the elderly and only corporates” said Mackline.

“I have to become that inspiration for the next generation” is how Mackline views her position in the AFRIYEA Golf Academy, adding that she will “always be grateful of being a coach in this academy”.

On a personal level Mackline tragically lost her father in 2000 when she was only 4, leaving her mother with Mackline and two sons to care for.  This has also been a driving factor in her ambition to forge a career in golf – “I want to work hard to transform my family’s fortunes and to make my Mum so proud.”

Being with the AFRIYEA Golf Academy from the start is something Mackline is very proud of.  Speaking about the children at the Academy she said that her favourite thing is “seeing the children embracing the game of golf by coming on time to practice.  

They are always fun and they learn so quickly. For the time the Academy has been running we have improved the children’s discipline, self-esteem, leadership and respect besides teaching them how to play golf.

AFRIYEA golf academy is the number one golf academy in Uganda helping children from less privileged and privileged in economies to learn the game of golf.

AFRIYEA believes kids can use golf as a sport to achieve their academy goals.

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