How passion for Golf landed David Kamulindwa into Coaching at AFRIYEA Academy


OBIT– When I learnt that success in the game of golf depended less on the strength of my body but the strength of my mind and character, l became the youngest professional golfer in East Africa at the age of 20 and now my new passion is to transfer this life lesson to the generation of young golfers in AFRIYEA golf academy.

Kamulindwa David who was hand picked by Muhumuza Adolf at the age of 14 years, started by carrying bags for him while being paid some money for his upkeep. 

The long journey made every fay to come to the course didn’t go to waste, he finally fell in love with playing golf, and he was taught by his mentor, Mr. Muhumuza Adolf. 

It wouldint have been possible for me to have learnt to play golf. He wholeheartedly taught me and gave me his full kit- a rare thing to get. It is not like today where AFRIYEA golf academy takes the trouble to get the equipment and facilitate the trainers to coach the students. 

Getting someone to train how to play golf for free was not something to even think about. Even then the kit was more expensive than today.

David accredits his success in playing golf to hard work and determination. He says that his ability to become a professional golf player within four years of playing golf ie from 2016 to 2020 was majorly a matter of hard work and focus on the game. 

“It is fun playing golf. You are able to travel to different countries and meet amazing people in the sport. I have travelled to Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco, Zimbabwe among other places. I don’t imagine to have travelled to these countries if it wasn’t golf”. He affirms.

Like any other game, David has had to overcome several challenges in order to become a professional golf player. “I was always troubled by the equipment kit since it was too expensive for me. 

I also believe that I would have been better than now if I had enough sponsors to support me in getting into different tournaments. I remember a acase in point when I had qualified to represent the country in Adis-ababa and failed because I didn’t have a a passport! Ihad almost failed to play qualifiers for professionals because of lack of money. If it wasn’t for Mr. Kalenzi Victor paying for a card to play, I wouldn’t have managed to become a professional golf player”.

David has won five medals, participated, and won several tournaments. He is currently working hard to transfer the skills and the discipline that has enabled him to become successful into the young souls of AFRIYEA golf academy.

People don’t know am working hard to be the next Tiger woods of the World.While training the students am a little tough in order to develop resilience in young ones and a sense of determination. Winners have got to toughen up”

Coaching in AFRIYEA Golf Academy is really something that everyone is proud of because we interact with so many people from different corners of the country.

What makes me very happy is how the Academy does its best to help kids from the less privileged families to play golf. The academy gives a chance to the kids to exploit there talents which they can use to achieve their Academic goals.

AFRIYEA being the number one golf Academy in Uganda, Africa we believe Africa will produce quality golf players that will put on a challenge at the world tour tournament.

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