Q&A: 6 year old Jeremiah Murungi dreams of becoming a Golf star


SPORT: As we draw closer to the end of the first week of March, wwww.theinformerug.com held an exclusive interview with un upcoming Golf star Murungi.

Murungi at six years dreams big of becoming a celebreted future golf star.

What’s your Name? Jerimiah Murungi 6, a son to Mr and Mrs Richard Nyemera and Justine Nuwagaba.

Where were you born? Fort portal cityWhere do you live now? Kitumba, Fort portal city.

Which school do you go to? I go to Green circle school in fort portal and am Primary one class.

When did you join golf? I joined golf on 19Th/10/2020.

How did you hear about the golf academy and why did you want to join?I heard from my uncle Christian and Destiny who was already a student in the academy, she told me that golf is a nice game that gives us a chance to make good friends and also to exercise our bodies.

What is your golf dream?I want to be among the best players in world with many trophies.

Who is your golf idol?Of course tiger woods, he is ever smart and plays good golfer

How does playing golf make you feel?I enjoy it when I see my ball flight high 

What do you want to be when you grow up and how will golf help you to achieve this?

I want to be a golfer and start my own golf academy

How do the coaches treat you during the training?

The coaches are very kind they give us a lot of care as if they are our parents and I can say the academy is really a home away from home. Sometimes I even don’t want to leave the club but Mum comes to pick us after training.

Which message do you have for the children who haven’t joined golf yet?They should come and join as soon as because golf is fun, we do enjoy morning exercises with the coaches and once every month they take us to clean river Mpanga and the city from plastics and polythene bags.

AFRIYEA Golf Academy is the number one golf academy in Uganda, Africa training children from both less privileged and privileged economies.

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