Dr. Nicholas Kamara tournament 2022 to help in talent identification


SPORT- Tumwesigye Gideon the chairperson organizing committee of Hon Nichols Kamara 2022 tournament has urged all the youth in Kabale municipality to participate in this tournament if they want to develop their talents.

Tumwesigye made this call while giving out uniforms [Jerseys] and balls to all 12 teams from every word in Kabale municipality, a function held in Kabale main stadium.

Speaking to our reporter, Tumwesigye stressed that they have given out 168 uniforms worth Ugx 5.4 million and 12 balls worth Ugx 1.2 million to 12 teams from all the wards in Kabale Municipality in preparations for the 2022 Hon Kamara tournament which kicked off on October 2nd 2022 to 1st January 2023 in Kabale University playground.   

He added that the reason for organizing this tenement is to show the cooperation and love between the people of Kabale Municipality and their legislator Hon Kamara.

Tumwesigye stressed that this tournament is to enable youth in Kabale Municipality to expose their talents saying that one may start in such a small team and end up at the international level.

He has cautioned the public to resist from causing chaos as they come to support their teams if they want to see this game succeed and assured them of enough security to maintain their safety.

CUE IN……………. Gideon RR/ENG.

Kimonge Conrad, a coordinator and general secretary for Kamara’s 2022 tournament thanked the legislator for giving the youths sets of uniforms and balls that will help them spend their time training and will end up becoming good players in near future.

Kimonge added that they planned this tournament in order to enable people to get enjoyment during the festive season, especially those who like sports.

He stressed that this tournament is not meant for good players only but everyone from Kabala municipality to showcase their talents.

CUE IN…………… Conrad on tournament RR

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