Uganda junior golfers celebrate independence on course


SPORT– Hitherto time immemorial sports has played a great role in fashioning the nation’s development and therefore sports are culturally used to celebrate a wide range of events.

In the saw way, golf has been identified as of the few sports that can bring people of all abilities together to celebrate national events.

As Uganda makes 60 years of Independence, the AFRIYEA GOLF ACADEMY – Uganda Africa made it a point to interest the youngsters to come to the golf facility to play the game of golf to create lifelong friends and speak about the inherent values of the game and how it can be a good platform for sharing the lessons of patriotism.

The pupils of Tooro Parents Education center were some of the teenagers that enjoyed golf as part of their celebration of Uganda’s independence at 60 years.

The AFRIYEA GOLF ACADEMY has demonstrated a modern-day golf destination in the introduction of golf to people of all ages, abilities and they have further used the game to skill the youths in myriad configurations.

Background of Uganda’s independence

Uganda was ruled by the British beginning in the late 1800s and it gained independence on October 9th 1962.

Before independence, Uganda was ruled from London, with British governors appointed by the Queen’s government.

But after 1962, it saw self-government based in Kampala and run by Ugandans.

This was obtained through effort, and contentions with imperial protesters, often ending in imprisonment and deportation.

The country became an autonomous nation and it simultaneously retrieved self-determination and was accepted by the UN and Organization of African Unity (OAU), a milestone that placed it on the international scene.

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