Emeritus Bishop Bagamuhunda roots for obedience


NTUNGAMO– The Kigezi Diocese retired Bishop the Rt Rev George Bagamuhunda has challenged all Ugandans to be obedient to God’s commandments and the laws of the land in order to succeed in life.

The retired Bishop Bagamuhunda noted that the world would be peaceful if the public obeyed both Biblical scriptures and the laws of the land.

He made remarks on Sunday in his sermon at St Mathews’ Cathedral Kyamate while South Ankole Diocese celebrates 11 years of existence.

Bishop Bagamuhunda expressed concern that obedience is very hard in the current situation in the World where people emphasize human rights but urged Christians to follow the governing parameters for sustainable development.

Cue in…….Bagamuhunda on obedience

He commended the Bishop South Ankole diocese the Rt Rev Nathan Ahimbisibwe and the diocese at large for being an exemplary Diocese in the province of the Church of Uganda making serious social economic projects that amplify the gospel and people’s development.

The diocese consecrated on January 8, 2012 was createdout of the dioceses of Ankole and West Ankole.

The Bishop South Ankole Diocese the Rt Rev Nathan Ahimbisibwe appealed to all clerics to preach the gospel of salvation and wealth creation saying that the hungry Christian cannot grasp the Word of God.

Bishop Ahimbisibwe tasked them to reach at the grass root level wherever they are posted explaining that the positions they are holding are not permanent but it is for the season.

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He noted that the Diocese is well built on a firm foundation of Evangelical Missions which has enabled it to prosper both in spiritual and physical spheres.

The bishop congratulated all Christians in Ntungamo district upon celebrating 11 years of the Diocese and thanked the president and first lady for being supportive.

Bishop Ahimbisibwe commended the people of God for the great achievement they have made since inception of the diocese and pledged to keep the candle burning.

The Bishop officially installed the Dean St Mathews’’ Cathedral Kyamate the Very Rev can Cranmer Mwesigwa, Diocesan Registrar Rev Can Arthur Twinamatsiko, Diocesan Treasurer Rita Nyiramugisha and Ruth Mwebembezi secretary to the bishop in charge of children’s ministry..

The Diocese has 10 Archdeaconries, 61 Parishes and 281 Local Churches (congregations).

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