Auditors relieve Rukungiri’s Mihenvu Sacco Board off the hook

Wednesday Twinomujuni, Cledonia Bakironda during the meeting

NEWS– The  Board chairperson of Mihenvu Rural savings and credit cooperatives society in Nyakyishenyi sub county Wednesday Twinomujuni has been set free by the Sacco members following the Auditor’s report.

The report was compiled and read to Members by Raitz and Company a certified public accountants during the Sacco annual general meeting at Nyakyishenyi sub county headquarters.

Previously, Members of the Sacco accused their Sacco Chairperson, also the Nyakyishenyi sub county Chairperson and Rovence Asiimwe the sub county speaker who was the sacco Manager  to have connived with the Former Rukungiri RDC Dan Kaguta and the Rukungiri District commercial officer to swiddle the Sacco money especially Ugx 100m that was given to the Sacco by president Museveni in 2018.

However, the Auditor’s report has exonerated them saying that the money was taken by Members as loans according to sacco books and  financial statements.

Wednesday Twinomujuni said stressed that some Members went to the office of the IGG who ordered for the Auditorium that was read and welcomed by all sacco members present in the Sacco meeting.

Cue in………..Twinomujuni on Sacco

Some of the Members including Ven. Nathan Tingakanya the Archdeacon of Nyakisoroza Archdeaconry and Bonny Biryatwita the former Nyakyishenyi sub county Chairperson  welcomed the Auditor’s report and asked Members to pay back the loans since they have known that a lot of money was taken by members not the Board.

Cue in……………..Members on Mihenvu Sacco

According to supervisory committee chairperson Julius Nyesiga, the Sacco has 1,020 members but only 605 are active.

The Sacco that existed in 2003 currently has a share capital of over Ugx 38 million and unpaid loans of over Ugx 97 million in hands of Members.