Bizimana petitions URSB to revoke NCDF’s registration Certificate

Kisoro District Boss Abel Bizimana

NEWS- The Kisoro district Chairman, Abel Bizimana has asked the district council to petition Uganda Registration Service bureau (URSB) to revoke certificate of registration for Nkuringo Conservation and Development Foundation (NCDF) on allegations of fraud.

Bizimana expressed his dissatisfaction on Monday during a district council sitting. According to him, NCDF was registered as a non government organization with a major aim of promoting conservation and developing communities through advocacy.

To his dismay, Bizimana says that NCDF has resorted into a money-making entity yet companies limited by guarantee spend everything they earn. The District boss noted that the organisation owns different ventures including clouds mountain gorilla lodge that fetches a lot of revenues yet communities barely benefit.

He also added that NCDF needs to pay taxes because it earns income.

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Bizimana also suggested that the Kisoro district Chief Administrative Officer should always update the district council on the performance of all non government organizations in the district in order for councilors to verify whether they are serving their purposes.

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In his response, Bahinyuza Festus, a member of NCDF and LCV Councilor for Nkuringo town council said that NCDF is doing a great job in the communities where it operates. 

Bahinyuza noted that the organization helps the needy, pays fees for some learners, providing livestock to community members among others.

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