Campus France gears up to collaborate with higher Institutions of learning

University top heads engaging with the officials from Campus France, Paris at the French Embassy ( Abraham MUTALYEBWA)

KAMPALA– Following, the increasing number of students enrolling to higher institutions of learning in Uganda and beyond. Campus France  a state agency that focuses on offering essential support to those who have intentions of studying in France has geared up its  efforts to work, collaborate and partner with higher institutions of learning  in Uganda.

The partnership is aimed at having exchange programs, improving research and  innovation and exposure so that the quality of education  is taken to another level for greater global opportunities and growth.

Speaking at  the engagement with  institution leadership  that  was held at the French  Embassy on Thursday, March 16 ,  Oumou Diakite, deputy marketing and mobility and head unit for Africa, Campus France said that there  are many students from all over the world and they  realised that they are less from Uganda with less than 100  and it was the reason they were  here.

Diakite added that they are  based in Paris and  in Africa they have over 35 campuses and  are willing to build more corporation to know more better about Ugandans inorder to forge  away of  working  with  french institutions and vice versa.

She also clarified that knowing the French language or not  should not   be a barrier  because they  study in English as well,  and they offer help  to students settle as well as getting into the institutions, adding  that  there are  very many things that people may not know which could be the reason for them  coming to Uganda to bridge the gaps.

Olivier Chiche- Portiche, director marketing and mobility department, Campus France, Paris stressed that the  university system in France  is public which meant  that the government with tax payers have have an upper and the tuition is very affordable , one of the lowest in world and  of high quality.

“For instance for Master level one pays 2,500  euros  per year, PhD  it is 3,700 euros per annum  yet they are acquiring the best quality  education, and with this it means that most of the people here may not know this information  about the scholarship programs  even through the embassy they are few and  with  us  its not that way since we have partners  like: Total Energies, Master Card Foundation, Islamic Development Bank  and others but  most importantly  it is affordable for every one.” added Olivier.

( L- R) Oumou Diakite and Olivier Chiche – Portiche from Campus France, Paris with Yves Mercier from the French Embassy ( Photo / Abraham MUTALYEBWA)

He asserted that with over 800 euros,  one can enjoy their stay in Paris  per month and in some cities it is  even lower  with every thing catered for as a student  with  touring,  health insurance and  20 hours of work per  week which is not the same else where , and that they needed to develop this through partnership and student exchanges so that they could have  these  programs move in that direction.

Mercy Twinomujuni, head Campus France, Uganda  said that they have  invited leaders from head office in Paris to have physical interactions with the  head of institutions so that they can have partnerships on how they can work together and  improve the quality of  education through exchange programs, research and innovations.

“The world is already a global village and if the student move they get to learn   and appreciate the value of biodiversity through culture,  creation of connections, market for products and services, innovations,  employment opportunities, foreign exchange remittances and  on a light note others  can  also get long life partners from  these endeavors” Twinomujuni added.

As part of the Institutions administration leaders  Dr. Rose  Clarke Nanyonga, Vice Chancellor, Clarke  International University noted that they did not have much  information about  studying in France and since their education  is much in applied health sciences and business management they are looking in areas of collaboration in that regard.

Dr. Nanyonga explained  that they have had exchange programs  with students from  Finland , Poland and having France on board will  create more platforms that will enhance quality education with a global perspective which is holistic and build more their capacity to have open- minded students that are very knowledgeable and skilled.

Eng. Joel Aita, Chairperson Muni University   and director of Joadah Design Institute  said that their location  is the most peculiar as Muni  and most times they have to position them selves to  have students from DR.Congo, Central African Republic and South  Sudan and  with this type of partnership they shall be looking at these and other  countries.

Aita   highlighted that  with the  biggest refugee camp, they  have many students who are interested in development studies and their focus will be in research since they are more of a regional centre of excellence serving a wide scope  of  countries.

Campus France has been working closely a few institutions and the meeting had  representatives from, Clarke International University, Mini University, Cavendish University,  Uganda Christian University and Kyambogo.

Officials from Campus France In the middle pose for a group photo with leaders of universities and higher learning institutions at the French Embassy ( photo / Abraham MUTALYEBWA)