Former Ndorwa West Parliamentary candidate avails safe & clean public water at his home gate

Simon Agaba at the Water Taps he constructed outside his Home Gate

NEWS- The former Ndorwa West Parliamentary Candidate Simon Agaba has constructed two water taps for Public use at his Home Gate located in Bushuro Parish, Kitumba Sub County in Kabale District.

The water taps accessible by the public, drain clean water from the 5000 litre water tank in his compound, and the beneficiaries are mostly locals (about 60 households) in the hilly areas around Bushuro parish.

Agaba contested twice as Member of Parliament for Ndorwa County West in Kabale District, losing both elections to the incumbent Hon. David Bahati who is also the state Minister of Industry in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives.

Agaba, a business man based in Kampala City says he has never lost touch with problems that affect the Ndorwa West Constituents, especially Kitumba Sub County where his ancestral home is located.

He adds that one of the worst challenges faced by people in the area is water scarcity, and that’s why he decided to construct public water taps at his home gate.

“People used to walk 2-3 kilometres in search of clean water. I decided to install a system that pumps water from the underground at my home. I also remembered the plight of my neighbors, and that’s why I extended it outside of my gate,” Agaba told our reporter.

 Cue in……….Agaba on water 1

Agaba says he bought a machine that runs on electricity to pump water from the ground, and a water tank with a capacity of 5000 litres which is filled before the system supplies water to his home and the taps outside his gate.

“It was a bit costly, but my plan was to ensure that the water tank stores enough water to meet the needs of people around,” Agaba explained, adding that the Pumping machine fills the tank at once before it is stopped until the water is used up.

Cue in……………Agaba on water II

Meanwhile, Silver Byamugisha, the Bushuro parish Councilor said that the water taps outside Agaba’s home were a piece of relief to the neighboring community following decades of suffering as they walked long distances in search of clean water.

“The Government constructed a gravity water source down that side (points to a water logged swamp), but whenever we are in the rainy season, it becomes useless to us since floods cover the pipe,” Byamugisha said.

The Rushoroza Cathedral Parish Head Catechist, Naris Byaruhanga who was in the area for a burial ceremony appreciated the work he has done in response to the water challenges faced by the locals.

He asked other financially able residents to imitate Agaba and share personal resources with others who are in need, especially the basic needs.

Simon Agaba Stands Below the Water Tank that Supplies Public water at His Home
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