“Homosexuality is real devil we must fight” Mitooma district Woman MP

Mitooma District Woman MP Agasha Juliet Bashisha

MITOOMA- The Mitooma district woman Member of Parliament Hon. Agasha Bashisha has raised her voice against homosexual acts in the country.

Bashisha’s voice comes at a time when the homosexuality bill 2023 has already been tabled in Parliament criminalizing gay sex.  The bill was brought to Parliament by Bugiri Municipality MP Asuman Basalirwa.

Ugandans have already started crying out for help from homosexuals and lesbians who have already infiltrated into some institutions and the community giving out money to people mostly secondary and tertiary institutions who are willing to join them in promoting the acts of same sex. 

Recently, a female teacher was caught pants down having sex with a female student. In another incident, male workers were fired from Abattoir Company in Kasese district for allegedly engaging in a homosexual act.

While speaking to our reporter in Furuma, Mutara Sub County in Mitooma district, Hon Juliet Bashisha condemned the acts saying they are inhumane and against God’s will.

“God destroyed Sodoma and Gomora because of such satanic acts so we are really provoking God ” she explained.

She further urged Ugandans most especially the youths to work for themselves and stop waiting for money from outsiders. She said the people who are fueling homosexuality are dishing out money to those willing to join the acts enticing many Ugandans to get attracted.

She said that even the suggested 2-10 years for culprits is a simple punishment, arguing that there should be strict rules to end these evil acts in Uganda.