Man Killed in Rukungiri battle for a glass of Waragi

Police Personnel on Crime scene (Courtesy photo)

NEWS- The Police in Rukungiri district have four suspects in custody for questioning on their involvement in a fight that led to the death of a 65 year old Cleophas Bakukweshe a resident of Byogo cell, Bikongozo parish in Nyakishenyi Sub County, Rukungiri district.

The four suspects according to ASP Elly Maate the Kigezi regional Police spokesperson are; Silvano Beinomugisha, Bakeine Marshal, Fudeli Byaruhanga and Prosper Turinomugisha all of the above address.

It’s alleged that on 18th March 2023 at around 9:30 Pm in Kiruhura trading center, Byongo cell, while the deceased was drinking alcohol together with Bakeine Marshal and Byaruhanga Fudeli at the bar of Prosper Turinaomuhangi, Beinomugisha Silvano entered into the said bar and poured down their booze/ alcohol. 

Immediately Beinomugisha picked a quarrel with the deceased and a fight ensued.

According to Maate, the duo fought and continued outside the bar where Beinomugisha allegedly pushed the deceased from a high terrace and fell down the cliff where he died instantly.

Police were informed and inquiries initiated at Nyakishenyi, scene was visited, examined and documented as suspects were arrested and body conveyed to Rwakabengo health center III mortuary for postmortem examination.

The case was registered at Rukungiri Central Police station under reference number CRB 408/2023.

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