NKD Bishop Asiimwe charges women on respect & cooperation

Bishop Asiimwe posing for a photo after the service

RUKUNGIRI- The Bishop of North Kigezi diocese Rt. Rev. Onesimus Asiimwe has asked mothers to respect and cooperate with their husbands by loving them if they want to develop their families.

Bishop Asiimwe made the remarks on Sunday while preaching at Emmanuel cathedral Kinyasano in Rukungiri district during Mary’s day where he asked women to portray a good image in their families like that of mother Mary since they play a big role in the development of families.

The Bishop said he’s optimistic to find that his first sermon as the Bishop of North Kigezi diocese was conveyed on Mary’s day hoping that it will strengthen families.

Mary’s day is always celebrated on 25th March annually in the Church of Uganda and it is typically, a very big day of celebration for Mother’s Union.

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John Mugisha Muhwezi Nyindombi who presided over the Mary’s day at Emmanuel Cathedral Kinyasano as the guest of honor said women in mothers’ union need to be role models in their families by ensuring responsibility.

Nyindombi added that the current issue of homosexuality can be handled and fought well by the church more than the government because many people believe in teachings of religious leaders rather than politicians.

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Conon Florence Katunguka, the Emmanuel Cathedral Kinyasano mothers union leader stressed that mother Mary was a humble woman whom every woman should emulate if they want to have a successful life in their families.

Katunguka added that they are happy to find that Bishop Asiimwe has started his journey of preaching on their day which holds a lot of blessings.

Canon Florence said that the Mothers union Cathedral chapter is looking forward to constructing a modern canteen at the diocese which will help to generate income for the union.

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