Reviving Makobore High School’s glory is my top Agenda- Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe

Makobore High School Kinyasano

NEWS- As different Stakeholders especially old boys and concerned citizens continue to deliberate for the revamping the status of Makobore high school Kinyasano, John Mugisha Muhwezi Nyindombi the old boy of the school has asked the current Bishop of North Kigezi diocese Rt. Rev. Onesimus Asiimwe to cooperate with them to revive the School’s glory.

Nyindombi who also served as the School head prefect in 1970’s says Makobore high school has taught different people in higher government offices hence a need to bring them together to restore the glory and pride of their school.

Muhwezi suggests that every person should exhibit total commitment towards finding appropriate solutions to the problems that have made the image of this memorable school dwindle.

He added that there should be continuous mobilization especially from old boys, the school foundation body which is North Kigezi Diocese and school committees who should come on board and combine efforts to again create a sustainable future for Makobore High School.

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Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe promised that Makobore high school is already on his agenda as he mentioned in his speech during his enthronement on 12th March 2023.

Bisho Asiimwe hence called upon all old boys, Education well wishers, government leaders to work together and look for a solution of this mighty school.

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Makobore high school was founded by the Church of Uganda in Western division, Rukungiri municipality.

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