Turyamuhweza breaks silence on FDC strongholds crossing to NRM

Hon Fred TumuheirweTuryamuhweza

RUKUNGIRI- The former Rujumbura County Legislator Hon. Fred Tumuheirwe Turyamuhweza has finally given his take on his former Buhunga and Ruhinda Sub Counties Sector Commander crossing to the Ruling National Resistance Movement NRM.

Turyamuhweza told this reporter that, as opposition, they had common interests and none had invited the other stressing that if Mugarura’s interests were resolved, he’s free to defect.

The former legislator stresses that however much he has crossed, Uganda’s problems of corruption, theft and marginalisation of certain groups ignited by the NRM won’t be solved by his defection.

“He did a good job on our election campaign trail. Being in a political party is anyone’s decision, however this won’t solve the country’s problems” remarks Turyamuhweza.

The former Parliamentarian noted that despite Mugarura’s defection, the Forum for democratic change will keep pushing for the agenda of making Uganda a better country for the citizens from the hands of the current government.

“Struggle has no time limit, as FDC, We shall keep our fight against the bad leadership, better health care and education services among others” added Turyamuhweza.

Asked about numerous party members crossing having seen others presented to the President as the sidelines of the International AIDS day at Riverside Hotel in Rukungiri Municipality, Turyamuhweza stressed that those are looking for personal gains other than liberating the country.

“Their defection isn’t a big deal. FDC is still strong and focused until when all Ugandans receive a message that benefits them and transition thereafter” he stressed.

On Saturday March 11th 2023, Henry Mugarura who was a strong FDC man crossed to the ruling NRM and was paraded before the press by the Rukungiri NRM Chairman Rtd. Maj. Gen. Jim Katugugu Muhwezi at Rukungiri INN.

Mugarura intimated to the journalists that he was returning to his mother party since the reason for earlier defection didn’t yield any results since Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye who he wanted to become Uganda’s President has not been able to make it.

Earlier on 1st December 2022, a group of over thirty FDC members also crossed to the NRM and promised to mobilize fellows to also cross to the ruling National Resistance Movement- NRM.