Woman dies in Rubanda after taking poisoned Bushera

Kigezi Region Police Spokesperson ASP Elly Maate

NEWS- The territorial police in Rubanda district are investigating circumstances under which a 55 year old woman died after allegedly taking contaminated bushera.

The Kigezi Region police spokesperson ASP Elly Maate identified the deceased as Vastina Twakire of Rwondo village, Shebeya parish in Hamurwa sub county, Rubanda district.

Maate told journalists that on 25th March 2023, 30 women had a group meeting in the home of Jesca Baremereirwe where they prepared a local sorghum drink commonly known as obushera that they took at around 2pm.

It’s alleged that the women later went to their homes, and felt unwell during the night, vomited and had diarrhea. The following morning, many were taken to Hamurwa health centre IV and among the patients was the deceased Twakire. 

Maate added that on 27th February 2023, Twakire’s condition worsened and was transferred to Rugarama hospital in Kabale Municipality, from where she died in the morning of 28th March 2023. 

A team of police officers visited the scene, took the body for postmortem examination at Kabale referral hospital mortuary.

The Police Spokesperson notes that a case of death by food poisoning was registered at Rubanda police station under reference number DEF: 06/2023.

Cue in……Maate on case

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