Woman held in Rukiga for killing her 7 day old child

Resident looking on as Police van takes the Victim from the Crime scene

NEWS- The Police in Rukiga district have an adult female in custody alleged to have murdered her 7 days old baby girl.

According to the Kigezi Regional Police Spokesman ASP Elly Maate, the incident was reported to police by Sam Barigye 45, a defense secretary of Nyamambo “A” cell, Central ward in Kebisoni town council of Rukungiri district.

It’s alleged that in September last year, the suspect Gift Nahurira, a resident of Muhanga town council Rukiga district, got married in Kebisoni Rukungiri district, to Turyatunga Ambrose whom they stayed together.

Later on, Turyatunga discovered that Nahurira was pregnant for another man known as Jacob and they agreed to stay together on condition that when she delivers the pregnancy, she returns back to her home district Rukiga, to look after the baby and after a year she goes back to Rukungiri to continue with her marriage. 

On Sunday 5th March 2023, Nahurira gave birth to a baby girl from Rukungiri and on Wednesday 8th March 2023, Turyatunga the husband provided her with transport, to go to her home as earlier agreed.

It is further alleged that on Friday 10th March 2023, the toddler fell sick and mother refused to seek medication for her, something that led to her death in the night of Sunday of 12th March 2023. Nahurira didn’t inform any of the people she was staying with before she carried the body and threw it in the nearby bush.

On Wednesday 15th March 2023, Nahurira returned to resume her marriage in Rukungiri. On her arrival, Turyatunga, the husband took concern to find out where the newly born baby was and upon, she lied to him that she had left the kid with the father in Muhanga.

Turyatunga could not be convinced by the wife’s statements since the kid was too young which forced him to report to their area defense and later Kebisoni police station in Rukungiri district.  

The wife was then arrested and taken to Police for interrogation, and it’s here that she revealed how the kid died and she threw it in the bush just next to their home in Muhanga, Rukiga district.

Preliminary investigations were done at Kebisoni and the suspect was transferred to Rukiga district as an area of jurisdiction, Police visited the scene, processed it, recovered the body from the bush and postmortem was done.

Maate said that the suspected murder case was later registered at Rukiga central police station under the file number CRB 146/2023 as inquiries are ongoing.

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