Another foreign national shot in Kampala


NEWS- Unidentified thug(s) have ran into hiding after shooting at a Somali national and businessman Bashir Tahalil 38, and his wife, Shukri Jama from Equatorial Mall.

According to ASP Luke Owoyesigire the Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police Spokesperson, the Old Kampala Police station has already started investigation in an incident of aggravated robbery that occurred at 4am on Wednesday at Bulange A Cell, Nsibambi Road, Rubaga Division.

Owoyesigyire adds that preliminary investigations indicate that the unknown assailants gained access to the victim’s residence by climbing over the perimeter wall after they cut the electric wires. Tahalil explained that the robbers broke into the house using the back door.

“They entered through the kitchen using the back door. A confrontation ensued between the assailant and Bashir Tahalil, during which the robbers seized Bashir’s Samsung Galaxy phone before fleeing the scene,” Owoyesigyire said.

Tahalil said when the robbers had taken his phone, there was some silence and this prompted them to open the door.

“We thought the robbers had left and we opened the door. We realized they were still present and they ended up firing at us. My wife was injured by two bullets that penetrated her right thigh,” Tahalil told police.

Shukri was taken to Medipal Hospital for treatment. Police assessment of the cartridges has shown that the robbers used a pistol.

Owoyesigyire said the police flying squad has since been tasked to hunt for the suspects as forensic experts examine the shells.

The incident comes weeks after the Indian businessman was gunned down in Kampala by a Policeman.

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