CULINARY & MUSIC! Congolese Cuisine to blend at unforgettable Swahili night


KAMPALA- When it comes to experiences and theme nights in the hospitality space, the “Swahili night” at Protea Hotel Marriot Kampala is one of the authentic outings that is a notch higher. This is one of the reasons it has been going on for some time ever since it was launched last year.

For starters, guests are treated to a sumptuous meal with lots of delicacies that brings out the real coastal dishes and more with an inclination to the same.

On Saturday, May 27, the team at the facility will stretch the menu further   and have organised and included Congolese cuisine to offer a broader service coupled with a unique mouth – watering delicacies for the taste buds over the weekend.

According to Ankur Panchal, general manager, Protea Hotel Kampala, they are moving another step further in the right direction in order to deliver a wider service to their customers and this has been evident due to the continuous numbers that have been registered at the Hotel.

“Our guests should expect Sombe na samaki (cassava leaves with dry fish) that is mainly enjoyed by Congolese, Burundians, Rwandans, Cameroonians and others. Samaki ya kuchoma oven/charcoal grilled fish mostly enjoyed by Congolese, Tanzanians and Kenyans.  Fufu (orfufou, foofoo, foufou) pounded cassava and plantain has been expanded to include several variations of the pounded meal food in other African countries including Sierra Leone, Liberia and others”. Ankur added.

As they savour every moment, they will be entertained by the Fauti Band, one of the best live performing ensembles in the country.

The guests shall have to part away with Ugx. 80,000 for adults and Ugx.40,000 for children with a group of 10  or more at 10 percent  discount not forgetting 25 percent  deduction  on standard rooms for East Africans that will lodge at the facility.

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