Kabale district to disburse PDM funds in a fortnight’s time

Kabale Deputy RDC Bakaki Ronald

NEWS- Kabale district Local government is prepared to kick start the disbursement of Parish Development Model funds within 14 days, according to Kabale Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Ronald Bakak.

Bakak has revealed this in an exclusive interview with our reporter on the Progress of Parish Development Model Funds in the district in his office at Kabale district headquarters in Kabale Municipality. Bakak says that a team from Parish Development Model secretariat has been in the district and has completed training the beneficiaries on how they can be enrolled on the system.

Bakak says that 57 Million shillings has already been wired to every parish account in the district adding that in Kabale Municipality, every parish has already received over 60 Million shillings on its account. He said that as per communication, he is optimistic that very soon, the top-up will also be wired to the parish accounts to make it 100 Million shillings.

Cue in…………..Bakak on PDM

Parish Development Model (PDM) is a government-led initiative in Uganda aimed at transforming subsistence households into the money economy and lifting 17.5 million Ugandans in 3.5 million households out of poverty.