Minister Ogwang warns Schools against dodging Co-Curricular activities

Minister Ogwang officiating at the Post Primary National Games

NEWS- The Minister of State for Sports, Peter Ogwang has warned schools against dodging co-curricular activities.

Officiating at this year’s Fresh Dairy secondary school games at Ntare School Mbarara City, Ogwang said, schools dodging co-curricular activities will be dealt with in accordance with the Education Act.

“Schools taking the co-curricular component of our education system for granted are doing so at their own risk as the Ministry has planned to crack down on defaulting schools and head teachers”, the tough speaking Ogwang said.

He said, as schools strive for victory in these championships, they must bear in mind that you have to practice clean sport.

“Malpractice in sport has been and is still the major cause of hooliganism which as a Ministry we don’t tolerate ”’ he said.

The Minister expressed some of the emerging issues in school sports as, Drug abuse, age related cheating, forgery of academic documents, falsifying age through swearing of affidavits among others and the perpetrators are the coaches and our own teachers, joining forces with the parents.

This is a terrible vice and must stop henceforth; imagine the time and the resources you waste including corrupting the minds of young Ugandans to accept this selfish act. Remember that before God we shall all account for our misdeeds. My humble advice to the young athletes is to reject the vice and refuse to become accomplices to these corrupt tendencies that put them to shame under the pretext of winning

“The Ministry of Education and Sports in conjunction with USSSA has put up stringent measures to weed out over-aged players taking unfair advantage over their younger counterparts. If you, my dear sons and daughters are still here and very sure that you are above the recommended age, save yourself of the embarrassment of being weeded during the games”

Ogwang urged the clubs and federations to emulate this example and ensure that the players of the right age participate in the various age categories to save Uganda from age-related embarrassment in international competitions.

Minister Ogwanga at Ntare School Mbarara

Shared story by Benjamin Epeduno and Charlse Achoda (Journalists)

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