Photographers tipped on embracing digital advancement in their business

The proprietor of Bricolps International limited Aggrey Matsiko addressing participants

NEWS- With the continuous mushrooming of photographers, Photojournalists and photography businesses in the Kigezi Sub Region, experts have urged people in the protection to embrace digital transformation to sustainably improve their well-being as well as catch up with the new technological era.

These under the Kigezi Photographers Association were on Monday 22nd May 2023 asked to shift from the analog way of conducting their businesses and upgrade to the digital way during a one-day workshop held at Assembly Hotel in Kabale District that was sponsored by Bricolps International in conjunction with Finca Bank.

The proprietor of Bricolps International limited Aggrey Matsiko, said that the workshop was aimed at equipping the photographers with modern technology and open them to the global village of economic-digital transformation.

Matsiko further said that photographers have always been challenged by lack of resources to assist them in upgrading to the updated gadgets and skills hence the involvement of Finca Bank to help them out with Special Offer Loans.

Cue in..……Matsiko on attendants

An economist, Fred Muhiguranga, said that the current era of digital, calls for photographers to be innovative and catch up with technological advancement stressing that digital technology is opening new doors for the global empowerment for various groups of people including the photographers.Muhiguranga further called upon photographers and other business people to consider cost minimization in their businesses if a business can’t stand where expenses are higher than income.

The chairperson of Kigezi Photographers Association James Biryomumisho said that the improvement in technology has assisted them in loss reduction compared to what they initially faced, especially damages caused by hard copies of photographs and printing out of unclear photos.

Cue in…………….Biryomumaisho on tech

The manager Finca Bank, Kabale Branch Charles Bakonizi said that they have gazetted a special offer for photographers in line with their business under the personal development loan that will assist them in purchasing gadgets of their choice.

Cue in…………..Bakonizi on photographers

Digital transformation doesn’t only change the world of business but also as new technologies arise, it inevitably changes itself and becomes more accessible.

Photographers, Photojournalists and people in the same profession attending the workshop
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