RUKUNGIRI! Health Centre incharge kills wife by stabbing

Police Personnel on Crime scene (Courtesy photo)

NEWS- The in charge of Ngoma Health center II in Nyakishenyi sub county, Rubabo county in Rukungiri district has been arrested for attempting to commit suicide after stabbing his wife to death with a knife.

The suspect has been identified as Jackson Arineitwe who stabbed to death his wife identified by Police as Enid Natukunda both residents of Rwenanura cell, Nyabitete parish in Buyanja Sub County.

According to the Police report, Arineitwe killed his wife after developing a disagreement after denying her a chance to visit her parents on grounds that he did not have money to buy for them some essential items.

The Police report further indicates that the wife insisted and went for the visit and on coming back; they picked a quarrel which forced her to start sleeping alone in the visitor’s room.

ASP Elly Maate, the Kigezi region Police spokesperson told the press that on Saturday night, the children heard their parents fighting and called their neighbors who on arrival heard noise from the store and upon entering; they saw Jackson hanging on the rope that they cut and rescued him from suicide.

Maate adds that Natukunda’s body was found lying under the bed, her neck stabbed many times.

It’s from here that Police officers at Buynaja police post were immediately alerted, swung into action and secured the scene of crime as well as arresting the suspect.

The Regional Police PRO added that the murder weapon (knife) was recovered and exhibited, blood samples from the deceased was collected and the body was conveyed to Rwakabengo Health Centre III mortuary for post-mortem examination.

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