Team University distance learning Students excited

Students sitting for the examination

KAMPALA- Team University students on Distance Learning (DL) were excited to sit their final exams at Team University main campus, Kampala last weekend.

Final year students on distance learning reported at the Main campus Kampala on Kabaka’ Anjagala road, on Wednesday 24th May 2023 ready to sit their final exams that started on Friday 26th and end on Monday 29th May 2023.

Isaac Tushabe, a finalist of Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration, enrolled on the program in August 2020 and was excited to sit his final exams at the main campus.

“I was extremely excited when I reached the main campus, the hospitality was good, and we were given the briefing and the guidance we needed to prepare for the examination,” he said.

Tushabe stressed that he was welcomed well, given very good meals and decent accommodation which prepared him to write his exams very well.

“Although we have interacted on-line with students of my program, we were excited to physically meet each other, to know one another, and to interact with students from other programs. It was an interaction with students from all backgrounds, I realized that with distance learning, nearly every district has a representative at Team University,” Tushabe said.

The University secretary, Hope Evelyn Kyokunda said that the examinations were staggered to enable all students on Distance Learning to sit their examination at the main campus. She informed the press that the 1st cohort that sat exams on the 24th -29th May 2023 was for finalists.

The 2nd cohort of continuing students will sit their exams on 7th to 12th June 2023, with the 3rd cohort scheduled for the end of June 2023. 

“Team University has a reputation of training mature working persons in different professions in the country,” she said. This kind of target group, calls for effective Distance Learning that gives them an opportunity to study, while working.

Kyokunda added that most of their students are social workers, parish chiefs, Sub county chiefs; Accountants who are pursuing related programs at different levels.

The Director of Distance Learning, Richard Ochwo said that they have students on different programs such as diploma, bachelors and post graduate programs, including public administrators Grade III teachers who are pursuing grade 1V and the bachelor of Education, that is now  a requirement by the Ministry of Education and Sports for all teachers.

“The best thing with distance learning is that you can reach and serve very many students with the University Programs. With DL, you can reach students in the whole country as long as they can access the internet,” he said.

However, the main challenge with DL is the erratic internet in most parts of the country and the cost of data which may not be affordable for every student.

The University rigorously orients their students on how to access lectures online.

He added that they use weekends for exams to enable the majority of their students, who are working during weekdays to sit exams in the out of office time.

Richard Ochwo the director distance learning at Team University
Exams in progress at Team University Kampala
Students after the exams