Beware of expired & fake commodities- Police warns parents as Schools open for third term

Kigezi Region Police Spokesman ASP Elly Maate

NEWS– Parents in Kigezi Sub Region have been warned against  buying expired or fake commodities for their young ones as they head for a third term resumption which may endanger their lives.

The advice was issued by the Police, in a press release on Thursday as students are set to report back to school require to go for shopping.

The Kigezi Police spokesperson ASP Elly Maate said that parents should stand in a position to report anyone who could be having expired or fake products on the market, so that the law takes its course.

Parents with stubborn or undisciplined children were also advised not to entrust them with School fees in cash but to rather pay the money themselves and accompany their children to school.

Maate added that traffic personnel are deployed all over to crackdown on any errant driver for prosecution, advising drivers not to over load or overspeed during this time.

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