Domestic violence overwhelm Kabale District RDC’s office

Kabale Deputy RDC Bakaki Ronald

NEWS- Kabale’s Deputy Resident District Commissioner Ronald Bakaki has revealed that there is an alarming increment in Land Conflicts and Gender-Based Violence and vowed to protect Women’s Rights amidst the rising wave.

Bakaki revealed this in an exclusive interview with our reporter at Golf Course Inn hotel located in Makanga hill, Central division of Kabale Municipality.

DRDC Bakaki stressed that since he assumed the office as the DRDC in Kabale District last year, his office receives over 5 to 6 on a daily cases of domestic violence emanating from daily family fight, divorce, killings, child abuse among others which put the security of Kabale residents at stake.

He explained that the main root cause of these domestic violence cases are to much alcohol and drug use, Poor behavioral control and impulsiveness, Low education levels and poverty, History of physical or emotional abuse in childhood, Economic stress (e.g., unemployment) among others

Bakaki mentioned that there was a woman who had been locked out of the house for three weeks forcing her to sleep in the bush, the acts he says violate their rights.

He promised that as long as he is still the DRDC for Kabale district, he will not accept any violence against women appealing to all men to respect the precious lives of women.

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