FUMI, Kabale Hospital clear air on allegation of raping an intern student

Kabale Regional Referral Hospital main gate

NEWS- Federation for Uganda Medical Interns (FUMI) and Kabale Regional referral hospital have trashed allegations that went viral on different social media platforms saying that an intern female doctor attached to them was raped.

This was revealed by the hospital administrator Dr. Nelson Obote, the acting Principal Nursing Officer Dr. Niwamanya Kenneth, and the head of Interns Dr Osinde Ochieng all health workers at Kabale regional referral hospital and Former Treasurer General for Federation for Uganda Medical Interns Dr. Oscar Malvin Gumisiriza currently attached to Kalori Lwanga Hospital Nyakibale in Rukungiri District.

Reports on 10th Sept, 2023 were awash social media indicating that a female intern doctor at Kabale Regional Referral Hospital was attacked, robbed, and raped while on her way to the facility.

Also, in a letter to the Federation for Uganda Medical Interns (FUMI), a group of 20 doctors, 16 nurses, and 4 pharmacists detailed the horrifying experiences they have faced during their first month of internship.

These include a male intern being attacked and robbed in his rental unit, as well as two female interns whose padlocks were broken but managed to avert robbery through loud screams for help.

In addition to the physical and sexual assaults, the interns expressed concern over the lack of security and accommodation facilities provided to them.

However, Dr Oscar Malvin Gumisiriza the Former Treasurer General for Federation for Uganda Medical Interns clarified the media reports saying that the incident that the media reported about had happened way back in 2018.

The head of Interns Dr. Osinde Ochieng also revealed that as the head of interns, he hasn’t received any case of rape from his fellows apart from cases of robberies.

Hospital administrator Dr. Nelson Obote said whoever circulated this false information had an intention of tarnishing the name of the facility.

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