Kabale Hopeful Woman MP urges farmers on safeguarding land amid heavy rains

Grace Bekunda

NEWS- The Kabale district hopeful member of Parliament Grace Ankunda Bekunda Bwesigye has implored the farmers in Kigezi Sub Region to employ simple but effective measures to shield their lands from the relentless deluge of heavy rains this season.

Speaking from her home in Nyabushabi, Kabale municipality, Ankunda expressed deep concern about the state of the environment and the potential destruction that heavy rains could inflict on homes, gardens, and domestic animals.

Ankunda passionately encouraged the people of Kigezi to take responsibility for their environment by planting trees to combat the fast-moving water flowing down from the mountains. She also urged them to exhortation from spoiling with plastics, which are creating destruction on the environment.

Highlighting the natural beauty of Kigezi, Ankunda emphasized the importance of reinstating practices such as bench terraces, grass bands, gabions, check dams, and Agro-forestry tree lines to prevent soil erosion and landslides.

Kigezi region has long grappled with the challenges posed by floods, storms, and landslides, significantly impacting local agriculture. Ankunda speculated that climate fluctuations, including heavy rains and prolonged droughts, may have adversely affected soil nutrient reserves, underscoring the need for responsible land management to maintain and enhance crop yields.

Ankunda called upon the Ministry of Water and Environment to actively engage in sensitizing the public on proper waste management, thus promoting a healthier environment.

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This initiative comes in the wake of tragic events earlier this year, when mudslides claimed the lives of over 16 people and left a trail of destruction in the districts of Rubanda, Kisoro, and Rukiga in the Kigezi region.