Kagadi district Chairman Yosia Ndibwami drops Two DEC members


NEWS- The Kagadi district boss Ndibwami B Yosia has announced in the council session on Wednesday the firing of two DEC members including his vice Mugisa Peter Ssebugwaho also the secretary for Works and technical services and the Secretary for Finance,planning and administration Lamuel Betonda for incompetence.

In his communication to council session that was chaired by speaker Magezi Muwonge at Kagadi Community hall in Kagadi town council,on Wednesday 13th Sep,2023 , chairman Ndibwami accused the DEC members for incompetence in executing their official duties.

Last month, Ssebugwaho had announced to the media that he had resigned his position as the vice chairman but later harmonized with the chairman before tendering in his resignation letter.

In July, all the Four DEC members had also threatened to resign their positions accusing Chairman Yosia Ndibwami for not accepting their advice and for mishandling other government projects.

The Kagadi district chairman Ndibwami Yosia has also moved a motion to fire Pastor Magezi F Ibrahim from the position of the chairperson of the Kagadi Hospital Management Board for being impartial in running public matters after was elected to head the Interreligious Council for Kagadi.

The motion to drop Pastor Magezi was seconded by the Kyanaisoke and Kamuroza female councilor Mugisa Ssebanyiga and councilor for Kanyabebe and Buhumuriro Sub-counties Rusia Tumuhairwe before adopted by the majority council members.

Chairman Yosia Ndibwami has not announced replacements of the dropped officials.

Meanwhile a section of some councilors have lauded the district chairman Ndibwami B Yosia for the mini shake ups stressing that it is his constitutional mandate to make reshuffles for the good of the district.

They have accused the two dropped DEC members for always misleading the chairman and for revealing secrets of the district contrary to their oath of allegiance.

In a related development, the Kagadi district Council has lifted all the embargos put on all political leaders by the Inter Religious Council of Kagadi which among others included banning political leaders from addressing public gatherings.

The Private Members bill to lift a ban on the embargos put on political leaders was moved by the Mabale Sub-county male councilor Edward Birungi and approved by majority house.

Councilors reasoned that the actions of the Inter Religious Council humiliated roles and responsibilities of Kagadi district local government and entire district leadership as enshrined in Sec 30 of the Local Government Act Cap 243, Regulation 8 (E) of the Local Government Council Regulations.

The Inter Religious Council had put a ban on political leaders in the district not to address public gatherings on reasons that political leaders visited Kapyemi and held a council session which councilors trashed stating that the allegations were premised on falsehoods.

In the same council sitting, councilors anonymously resolved that civil servants who have continued engaging themselves in politics and in the Inter Religious Council business like CDO Katusabe Peter Junior, district health educator Tumwebaze Aisha Justin, Alice Kabasana the head teacher Kabwooro primary school, Parish chief Turyamwesimira Horeb, a disciplinary action be taken against them and CAO was directed to provide a report in the next council on the progress of this matter and action taken.

Responding to the council resolution, Kagadi district chairman Ndibwami B Yosia says the Inter Religious Council of Kagadi has been operating illegally in the district and was formed on grounds of speculations and falsehoods.