Makanga hill residents welcome plan to avail them a police post


NEWS- A section of residents in Kabale municipality have welcomed a plan brought by the Uganda Police Force (UPF) to establish a police post in Makanga hill saying that it will help to curb criminals that have become a threat to their lives and the activities in the area

Speaking to our reporter, Emily Tusingwire, a resident of upper Bugongi in northern division of Kabale municipality, doing her vending work in Makanga hill revealed that the police post will help in protecting humans in the area where many government offices and agencies are located.

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Tusingwire requested police to deploy in the area to crack down on the youths who camp there allegedly marijuana addicts who have turned into a threat to their lives and their businesses.

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Donah Muhwezi said that Makanga being a wide area, when police are nearby it would help to deter away the criminals who are a threat to people who normally go to the hospital at night to look after their patients.

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The Kabale district Resident Commissioner (RDC) Geoffrey Nyakahuma on Monday 11th Sep, 2023  told the public around Makanga hill in a meeting between the Kabale district security head officers and Kabale regional referral hospital Medical Interns that he is going to talk to the Kabale district security committee and very soon the police post shall be established.