Minister Musasizi commits to ensure sanity in Rubanda district PDM funds disbursement

Minister Musasizi

NEWS- Henry Aringanyira Musasizi, the Minister of State for Finance Planning and Economic Development, has assured residents of Rubanda district that they will receive annual parish development funds.

Minister MusasiziHe made this commitment on Friday while speaking at a gathering in Nyamweru Sub County in Rubanda East, Rubanda district.

Musasizi explained that the challenges in disbursing parish development funds were caused by individuals involved in the process who were attempting to reduce the amount of money per beneficiary but under the guidance of the President of Uganda, it was decided to provide every beneficiary with one million Ugandan shillings, rather than a lower amount that had initially been disbursed.

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Furthermore, Musasizi pledged that the government will continue to disburse Ugx. 100 million per parish every financial year encouraging residents to remain assured that, as a minister, he would ensure that his people will not suffer. He emphasized his belief that the parish development model in Rubanda district will be a success.

Musasizi also reassured beneficiaries that they will receive their funds, even if it takes until next year, as the process is gradual. Additionally, he highlighted that the district team, led by Stephen Kasyaba, is doing commendable work and assured residents of an equal share and disbursement of the funds.

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