Money Or Reality; Rising Ugandan Reggae Artist Baba Raa launches campaign for President Museveni under SDG 03 – Good Health & Wellbeing

Photo of Baba Raaa

KAMPALA- This September is a September to Remember; As we celebrated 79th Birthday of the President of the Republic of Uganda, the presidential aspirant and National Unity Platform (NUP) President Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, popularly known as Bobi Wine was also on a tour in Luweero on the same day.

Luweero District was a stronghold for the liberation struggle for the NRM as the foundation for the fundamental change we are witnessing in Uganda however the majority of Ugandans were filled with shock, as they listened to the message delivered by National Unity Platform (NUP) President.

However, this didn’t stop the birthday celebrations at Kololo Airstrip with entertainment from comedians and musicians from all parts of Uganda. 

In the President’s Birthday Speech he said; “Ugandans should know those wars were totally unnecessary. We could have had total peace but some people decided to go for sectarianism. The suffering we went through could have been avoided .We could have negotiated and solved these issues without shedding blood but others didn’t want to listen to us and didn’t want democracy. That is why we had to fight until we got victory,” Museveni said of the turmoil that Uganda went through since independence in 1962.

In this regard, a Rising Reggae Artiste in Uganda; Raa Ramah Muyinda a.k.a. Baba Raa who has over 10 years experience in the entertainment industry has launched a campaign to promote mindset and behavioral change amongst the youth through the Old is Gold Campaign; an edutainment initiative to celebrate and bridge the gap between our generations for the sustainability of our nation.

Was it Money or Reality, Baba Raa says he has over the years volunteered as a leader in the Music Industry and is currently the head of legal at the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) among the many other roles he occupies to contribute to the development of the entertainment sector and Uganda at large thus he is still committed to utilize his skills and profession for his nation.

‘’Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the region, with the potential to create a paradigm shift in our economy however, just like many nations we have seen in Africa that have had unpeaceful transitions, based on manipulation of the Youth, Uganda too could fall in the same trap if we don’t have massive sensitization on the ideology of our forefathers that fought for a fundamental change’ said Baba Raa.

On the same note, President Museveni on Friday said that the country is stable and the war was on ensuring social economic transformation but also ensuring every child is educated.

Flyer of the Old is Gold Song