MP Kamara Donates Third Ultrasound Scan to Kabale Municipality health facilities

Rugarama Hospital , in Kabale Municipality

NEWS- Kabale Municipality Mp Hon. Dr. Nicholas Kamara has donated an Ultrasound Scan to Rugarama Hospital making it the third scan donations to health facilities in his Constituency. 

Dr. Kamara said that he is donating ultrasound scans in an attempt to reduce cases of maternal deaths adding that this modern ultrasound scan will help to determine any challenge of expectant mothers during pregnancy.

“This is a modern fetescope, and it helps detect any abnormality of the pregnancy, whether the placenta is in the right position, the heart rates, the umbilical cord placement, the amount of Amniotic fluid, and the ability of the mother to give birth normally or by cesarean section,” Kamara explained.

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The Kigezi Diocesan Secretary Rev Can. Milton Nkurunungi thanked Dr. Kamara for the kind gesture and notified him that the Diocese has heard of other Ultrasound scan donations the MP made to Kamukira H.C IV and Kirigime H.C III also in Kabale Municipality. 

Rev. Nkurunungi asked people to always seek for medical attention from Health facilities and avoid being misled by religious leaders who claim that only prayers and not medical treatment heals. 

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The Rugarama Hospital Medical Superintendent, Dr. Esther Rutaremwa, said that before Dr. Kamara’s donation, the facility had only one stationary Ultrasound scan, but the new machine will increase the number of patients handled in a short period of time, boost efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.

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The Ministry of Health recommends at least two ultrasound Scans for each mother during pregnancy, but expectant mothers from Kabale Municipality were paying Ugx 20,000 to get services from private clinics, according to Dr. Kamara.

The FDC Leaning Legislator says the Ultrasound Scans he is donating are valued at Ugx 20 million, and up to Ugx 4-5m is spent on training midwives to operate the equipment, bringing the total expenditure to about Ugx 20 million.